Rasheedah, Rayquan, Raysha, Rahiem

In 2009, Rasheedah and her three children moved into an apartment in Sojourner House, a Pittsburgh based organization that provides housing, rehabilitation, career, and childcare services to single moms who are recovering addicts. At least once a week, I would visit with Rasheedah and her family. The children instantly took a liking to my camera, and each visit I would bring a different piece of equipment with me. 

Eventually, I gave them a small point and shoot camera to keep for the duration of the project. After a couple of months, I gathered all of the photographs and worked with the family to compile them into a series of small books. I also worked with the family on small writing projects, and their responses are also featured in the book. 

Each of the books is hand bound with hand written calligraphy on the front. Once finished, they were given to Rasheedah and her family as gifts - to be displayed in their home. The photographs give the viewer insight into the daily life of Rasheedah and her children, documenting everything from the banal to the extraordinary. As a result, they break down stereotypes related to addiction, and explore the struggles and triumphs of being a single mother.